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The World is a Dynamic Mess of Jiggling Things

Feynman_2553738bVery little time to share words here lately! It’s not yet time for a long story today but just sharing shortly one of my new hobby, may be one of the reasons why I don’t spend time on this blog… I stumbled upon a video of Richard Feynman lately on YouTube. I don’t know how this happened, someone must have shared it and I must have just follow. Most of the time social media can be entertaining at first but often quite depressing shortly after with an after-taste of “why do I lose my time on this?”, but this time however I got there and I don’t regret it.

I remembered the name of Feynman from when I was a student in science but honestly, that was just a name and I have not been smart enough to really enjoy the pleasure of mathematics and physics more than for a couple of years, so I mostly forgot everything about him… I’m really happy that I watched this video of him on YouTube. Only now I really get a chance to really discover the character and I now just love listening to him and watching him. Of course, the topics are always of interest and it’s very refreshing , but more than that, the guy is such a great orator I can’t stop watching him . Perfect attitude, sparkling eyes, charming accent, severe sense of humor but more than anything, passionate by what he is talking about. I am now addicted almost as much as when I was addicted to James Gandolfini and the Sopranos’ show, when I swallowed their 7 seasons in a summer. Ok, some might be shocked by the comparison (the New York accent must be for something here…) but he was for sure such a charismatic presenter that the comparison with best comedians works really well. I am amazed by how magnetic his presence is and how good he is at captivating our attention. This guy had something very special on screen (and I guess on stage live as well). Thank you mister Feynman.

Here are a few of the one I liked lately, hope you will like ’em as much as I do.

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